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How I Rewired My Brain With Poetry

Science and literature and neural pathways and Rumi and Emily Dickinson.


I Was a Strict Evangelical, Until My Faith Unraveled

The pink sweater my grandmother once knit for me is a reminder of who I used to be.

The Millions
Apocalypse Then: Meet the Original Rapture Novels
Whether I believed the Antichrist would actually posses a ruby laser ring,
I definitely believed the Antichrist would show up and have lots of
tricks up his sleeve.


I Was a Fundamentalist Christian Until I Discovered Feminist Writers

Leaving religion behind wasn’t easy. Books helped. So did Brooke Shields.

The Hairpin

The Best Time I Went to Christian Charm School

It was sort of like home ec meets the apocalypse and included instructions
about how to style our hair and how to not “usurp the role of the male.”

Hello Giggles

Why I’m a Charm School Dropout

5 reasons including but not limited to Buddhism, WWII posters and red shoes


The Huffington Post

The Year I Traded in Church for Cooking: How Nigella Lawson Changed My Life

I don’t necessarily recommend giving up on your marriage and your religion
in the same year, but I recommend that you learn to make spaghetti carbonara
if you do.

Patheos and BuzzFeed Community

5 Things You May Not Know About Fundamentalism

Explained through not only words but also animated cat gifs because why not.


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