Welcome to the badge pick-up station!

These badges serve both as a reward for a job nicely done and as a magical token to ensure badassery & aplomb in your future. And if you landed here without knowing about the badges, you can read descriptions of each one here.



1. Scroll on down. Download your badges and revel in the moment. Just right-click the image and save it onto your computer. 
(Remember, the printing press wasn’t easy at first either.)

2. Print them out, or stash the files for a rainy day.
(Or a foggy day or a sunny day or the next time you go horseback riding.)

3. If printing, cut out each badge separately and affix to something using tape. Or laminate your favorite and keep it handy. Consider printing on cardstock or iron-on transfer paper or sticker paper.

4. Flash the badge at yourself or others as necessary to affirm your wild nature.

Badges for the Downloadin'

Nos. 001 - 003
The Charm School Dropout Merit Badge Menagerie
This badge grants you the power to defy expectations at every turn.

Nos. 009 - 010
The Invent & Invoke Wings” Merit Badge Set for Lift-Off
This badge grants you the power to invent & invoke wings.


Nos. 004 - 006
The SOUL Merit Badge Wonder Cupboard
This badge grants you the power to connect with your soul any moment of the day (or night, of course).

Nos. 007 - 008
The Perfectionism-Undoing “Real Flowers Love Dirt” Merit Badge Series
This badge grants you the power to make like a real flower and get dirty.

Nos. 011 - 012
Come, let us explore the very essence of badassery & aplomb

See what each badge means.

Badge designs by the wonderful Jennifer Wasson.