I'm Susan. That's me as a kid in the '70s over there, in the pink dress. (Remind me to tell you about my mom's spectacular fur hat someday.)

I grew up an earnest evangelical fundamentalist Christian in American’s heartland. I wanted nothing more than to please Jesus.

It took me awhile, but I unconverted myself. You might say that I lost my religion but found my soul.

Now I help people recover from fundamentalism. Here on my website, you'll find essays I've written and some other resources ... with the occasional joke about Dante, marshmallows and the kind of ruby laser ring known to be favored by the Antichrist.

Merit Badges for Distinctive Acts of Badassery & Aplomb

Surely by now you've earned a badge or two. Why merit badges? Because being bold takes heart, and having heart in this rough-and-tumble world isn't always easy. (Oh, and they're free!)


Your Guide to Leaving Fundamentalism

Finally, the board-game-style guide you’ve been waiting for! Escaping fundamentalism is one of the world’s trickiest psychological feats, and sometimes it helps to see a path out.

Recent Essays

The pink sweater my grandmother once made me is a reminder of who I used to be.

Whether I believed the Antichrist would actually posses a ruby laser ring, I definitely believed he have lots of tricks up his sleeve.

It was sort of like home ec meets the apocalypse and included instructions about how to style our hair and how to not “usurp the role of the male.”

Recent Blog Posts

What to Do If You've Been Duped

Starting to wonder whether something you believe is true after all? Ugh, I know how it feels. But it’s not your fault, so go ahead and change your mind!

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Signs, Wonders & Graffiti

The funniest things can happen when you leave religion behind. Like, you might end up in the most religious place of all. (I used to think that was a metaphor.)

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Plenty Witchy

Ways in Which My Fundamentalist Childhood (1969-1987) Was and Was Not Like the Salem Witch Trials (1691-1692)

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Jesus* Goes to Charm School

The pink-covered workbook we studied is an entirely real thing that definitely exists on the physical plane and is still in my possession

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What Comes After Religion

A video about what draws societies to religion and what we might do with those longings now that so many us are no longer interested in church.

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